Transfer Roms

It’s really easy to transfer ROMs to RetroPie directly using an FTP setup.

First, we need to enable SSH:

On Retropie Menu Configuration
1- Select “Raspi-Config”
2- Use the Up/Down controls to select “Interfacing Options”. Use the Right control to highlight

3- Select “SSH”

4- Select “Yes”

5- Select “Ok”

6- Use the <Right> control to select “Finish” :

You will be returned to the RetroPie interface.

Connect your Raspberry Pi and your computer to your network with network cables / wireless and power on (must be connected on the same network)

Download WinSCP to transfer the files to the raspberry:

Open WinSCP

  • Host name: retropie
  • User name: pi
  • password:  raspberry
  • Select port 22 if needed.

WinSCP will load the complete directory for your Raspberry Pi.
From here, navigate to the appropriate folder for each console or system you want to add ROMs to. You can typically find this under a path similar to ~/RetroPie/roms/*[console folder]*.

Drag and drop your ROM files directly to the Pi.

On the left is your Computer
On the right is your raspberry Pi