Megabit Ultimate package




The Megabit Ultimate package included everything you need to build your NESPI Project.
8000+ games, included several console collections like NES, SNES, N64, Sega Genesis, 32X, Coleco, Atari 2600, GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, TurboGrafx and mores!!
Come already assembled, fully functional and ready to use on delivery!

This awesome package included:

Raspberry Pi 3 model b Starter kit:

  • Raspberry pi 3b board
  • Samsung 32gb Micro SDCard Class10
  • Power Supply 5v 2.5a
  • HDMI Cable 6′
  • Heatsinks x2

Megabit Electronics Kit:

  • Mainboard NFC control
  • USB Extender
  • Front board button Power Reset red LED
  • Front board support
  • PN532 NFC Card reader
  • 3x NTAG216 NFC tags
  • Fan 5v 25mm 2pin
  • Catch&Lock cartridge tray
  • 2x Glue dots
  • Software pre-programmed

Megabit NESPI Case:

  • Megabit NES M3 Case assembled
  • 3x game cartridges classic grey or gold Zelda or the colors of you choice and i add your favorite game labels!


  • 1x NES & 1x SNES usb controller