Non-NFC kit for Megabit NES / Daftmike Case




Non NFC kit for Megabit NES / Daftmike Case NESPI Raspberry Pi 3

For the installation step by step guide and for downloading files to install the software in your Raspberry Pi, please see my website at: Non-NFC Guide Installation

This kit included:
-Functional Front buttons Power/Reset + Red LED Power indicator w/ built-in support
-USB Extender w/ fan connector
-Catch&Lock for cartridge tray
-5V Cooling Fan
Come inside an anti-static bag.

Just connect the 4x jumper wires on the appropriate Gpio Pins and install the software.
The fan is connect on your USB Extender (red board)

I can install the software for you through your computer, direct assistance for free!

Package ship with Expedited service, its included tracking number, insurance and fast delivery.

Thanks to your support!



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