NFC Electronic Kit


Megabit Electronics Kit:

  • Mainboard NFC control
  • USB Extender
  • Front board button Power Reset red LED
  • Front board support
  • PN532 NFC Card reader
  • 3x NTAG216 NFC tags
  • Fan 5v 25mm 2pin
  • Catch&Lock for cartridge tray
  • 2x Glue dots
  • Software pre-programmed and ready to drop-in, no solder required.

*Each electronic kit is sent inside an Anti-Static bag



This new generation NFC electronic kit turn your NESPi console as an original NES 80’s, with “playable” cartridges!.

Fully plug and play and doesn’t require any soldering. Drop-In installation.

Based on the work of daftmike, the mainboard is better designed, overclock rated and improved.
Daftmike clone kit without arduino pro micro, the operate is the same, without the headache of a long and hard installation.
ou will have access to the “full control webpage”, set your fan On/Off(temperature), add/delete roms and Read/Write NFC cartridges directly from your internet browser!

Please note: Each mainboard, USB extender, Front bord and all other solder had been carefully inspected and verified to work properly for many years, but for any reasons you have a problem with a component, please send me back the defect part/component and, without questions in case of such a problem, i will repair or exchange the faulty part for free.
I make an effort to respond in few hours but unfortunately i must sleep.. but be assured i do all i can to respond within 12 hours.
Its my warranty. 🙂