Megabit SNES NFC Electronic Kit + Mini SNES Case S1


Megabit SNES Case + NFC Electronics Kit combo:

  • Mainboard NFC control
  • USB Extender
  • Front board button Power Reset red LED
  • Front board support
  • PN532 NFC Card reader
  • 3x NTAG216 NFC tags
  • Fan 5v 25mm 2pin
  • Catch&Lock for cartridge tray
  • 2x Glue dots
  • Software pre-programmed and ready to drop-in, no solder required.

Megabit SNES Case for Raspberry Pi 3, NESPI
The second amazing Raspberry Pi project you can build!
– 1x Megabit SNES Case with parts
– 1x Megabit SNES NFC Electronic Kit
– 1x game cartridge classic grey or gold Zelda and i add your favorite game label

*Each electronic kit is sent inside an Anti-Static bag



Please note: Each mainboard, USB extender, Front bord and all other solder had been carefully inspected and verified to work properly for many years, but for any reasons you have a problem with a component, please send me back the defect part/component and, without questions in case of such a problem, i will repair or exchange the faulty part for free.
I make an effort to respond in few hours but unfortunately i must sleep.. but be assured i do all i can to respond within 12 hours.
Its my warranty. 🙂




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