Megabit NES case + Cartridge with label of your choice!


Megabit NES Case Raspberry Pi 3

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Megabit NES Case for Raspberry Pi 3, NESPI
The most amazing Raspberry Pi project you can build!
– 1x Megabit NES Case with parts
– 1x game cartridge classic grey or gold Zelda and i add your favorite game label!

The megabit NES case included these plastic parts:
-1x Case, bottom/top
-1x Fan mount
-4x Foot
-4x washer
-4x screws
-2x Button
-1x Button holder
-1x LED indicator red lens
-1x Cartridge tray
-1x Cartridge bar
-1x Cartridge Peg
-1x Mini USB cover
-3x Black trim rear/front
-1x Lid
-1x Lid trim

This kit need to be completed with the additonal components and electronic, like a Raspberry Pi 3, USB Extension, Catch&Lock cartridge tray and 25mm fan 5v 2pins.

Follow these instructions in this daftmike video to know how complete and assembly!



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