Samsung 64gb SDCard Preloaded Retropie 7000+ games NES SNES N64 Roms Raspberry Pi 2 3 b




Condition: New

The 64GB Samsung EVO  is the highest performing class 10 available!

  • Twice as fast as ordinary SD Cards.
  • Resists Shock, Harsh Temperatures, and X-rays.
  • Has sequential read and write speeds of 46.573 MB/s and 16.047 MB/s

Each Micro SD Card is preloaded with Retropie and 7000+ Nintendo Games, NES, SNES, N64 Sega, Atari 2600, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Coleco, Genesis, MAME,, 32X.
Available also, PS1 Sega CD, GameBoy Advance etc…

Kodi Included! Some great apps are installed on Kodi, Like Convenant, Genesis Reborn, Gurzil, Poseidon, Exodus, Quantum, and….Mr. Bean!

See free movies in 4K quality on delivery 🙂

When you receive your micro sd card, you just insert into your Raspberry Pi 2/3 (A/B), you will configure your controller on a step-by-step screen and instantly start playing your favorite games from the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 Consoles.

– Does not come with raspberry pie or controllers. Micro SD Card Only 

– Keyboard required for controller configuration

– Come with SD Jacket for your PC

– Will not work on Raspberry Pie 1/Zero