How install Retropie

Megabit Electronic NFC kit Install Guide

Make sure you have these components to proceed to the software installation:

-Raspberry Pi 3 Starter kit
-SDcard Jacket
-Megabit Electronic kit (installed)
-Ethernet cable and internet connection
-USB keyboard or Controller
-HDMI cable and TV
-Laptop or PC

Step 1.
Install Retropie

Format your SDcard, please visit the Official SD Formatter website and download the installer for your operating system.

Install Retropie image on your mini SD card:

1- Download the retropie image for Raspberry Pi 2/3 and Save As the file on your Desktop:
2- Open the .gz file you just downloaded and extract the .img files on your Desktop.
This .img file is now ready to write to your micro SD card.
3- Download  Win32 Disk Imager , and install it on your PC.
4- Open Win32 Disk Imager,  (1)open the Retropie.img, (2)select your mini SDCard:

5- Select (3)”Write”, then confirm “Yes”. This action can take several minutes.
4- After “Write Successful” message, eject the SDcard and insert it in your Raspberry Pi and turn on your system.

Step 2.
Your raspberry is now ready to launch Retropie:

With your controller, press and hold the A button to continue to the configuring page.
This is the controllers configuration, to skip a configuration, hold A button and wait 2sec to pass to the next

Configuration of the SNES and NES controllers:

After your controller or keyboard is configured, you will see this Retropie screen.
*Your Retropie is “empty”, the only option is the settings page, because you have not added any games/roms yet:
Visit this page on How add Games(roms)

Step 3.
Its now the time to configure your Raspberry Pi for your Megabit Electronic kit

Raspberry Pi Software

  1. Connect your Pi on your Internet Network by an ethernet cable or by wireless
  2. Press F4 on the keyboard or exit to EmulationStation on your controller.
    You can also use Putty if you want.
  3. Enter this command:

    sudo apt-get update
  4. One at a time, write these lines and hit Enter (these evan files are available on github):
    tar -xzf picontrol.tgz
    cd picontrol 
    sudo sh ./

    When the installation is done, press on “y” then Enter.

  5. After the reboot, In the Retropie Menu, select “SHOW IP” and note the IP address.
    1. Example:
    2. Default Username: picontrol
    3. Default Password: password

Congratulation! 🙂

Please visit this page to program your mini cartridges

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