How program your Ntags

Programming NFC Ntags / Cartridges

There are three ways to easily program your mini-cartridges.
Using your NESPi system, the web control app or using your phone. .

From your NESPi System:

The Electronics Kit is capable of writing NFC tags.
To do this you need to first transfer some games to your system as above, then follow these instructions:

  • Launch the game you want to write to the cartridge from EmulationStation using your controller.
    *You can also exit from this game and return to the EmulationStation.
  • Press on Reset button 3sec until the power LED indicator flash, this means your NFC card write your cartridge.
    *The NFC card will write the last game played.

From your internet browser:

  • Login on the IP address of your Pi
    Default Username: picontrol
    Default Password: password
  • On your web control page, select a console, select a game in your list, then click on the Write icon.
  • Your NFC card will now write your cartridge with the game you have selected.

From your phone:

For this we need a modern Android or other device that supports NFC.

With your NFC-capable Android phone you need to download NFC Tools, this is the free edition.

First, you need to create two text records:

  • the first contains the console name: “NES , SNES, PSX, etc.”
  • the second contains the rom filename: “Mario3.nes, etc”
  • Hit write, and then put your tag next to your phone’s NFC antenna, usually on the back somewhere and it will write your tag almost instantly.
  • Now you can insert your cart into your mini NES to try it out, make sure the filename is the same and your rom is in the right folder.