Erase and Reset all controllers configs

Please follow these step by step to have back the Welcome Screen for configure your controllers.

1- Start your system and wait the end of the boot

2- On your keyboard, press the F4 button, you will see this page:

4- Write exactly this entire line, then press “enter”:

sudo /home/pi/RetroPie-Setup/

You should see this page:

5- Select <Manage pakages>, then press “Enter”

6- Select <Manage Core Packages>, then press “Enter”

7- Select <Emulationstation>, then press “Enter”

8- Select <Configuration / Options>, then press “Enter”

9- Finally select <Clear / Reset Emulation Input>, then press “Enter”

9- Select <Yes> to confirm, then press “Enter”

Press “Enter” again after the reset input confirmation.

Now you can select “cancel”–>”Back”–>”Back”–>”Back”–>”Exit” to return to the black windows.

Write this line to reboot your system:  sudo reboot

Done , After the reboot, you have now the Welcome Screen and you are ready to configure your controller.