About Megabit

What is Megabit?

Megabit is first of all, an electronic NFC kit, made for Raspberry Pi boards, based on the work of Daftmike, Evan & Jared.

Alright, and what is that NFC and why i should use NFC on my system?

NFC allows phones, tablets, and laptops to share data with other NFC-equipped devices or with Ntags which allow you to snag digital information at short range. NFC tags can be used to store and transfer information, such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

So, the goal of this work is not only have a Raspberry Pi inside a mini NES Case but the idea is have a functional and unique retro Pi console, like a true classic 80′ Nintendo, with mini cartridges.

What makes this build out of the ordinary is the NFC reader, as explain above, which allows you to “read” your game cartridge, in this way, add the look and the feeling of the retro Nintendo.

You have thousand of choice of games, available here for free, NES, SNES, N64, Sega, GameBoy, etc, and all on your raspberry pi system!
The cartridge slot is functioning, insert a cartridge, click it down, and press the power to play!
No more need to blow in the cartridge, it’s all in the past.. 😉

The NFC card Reader, included with the electronic kit, will read your cartridge(Ntag inside), and will communicates this info to your Raspberry Pi, then the game start. Cool!

The kit is fully plug and play and doesn’t require any soldering.

Easy instruction on how programmed your Ntags is available HERE. You can program your Ntag on any device that support it, like on your android phone, samsung or through the control webpage.
Personally i use the system itself..

If you made the NES Case yourself with all parts, you can proceed to the assembly with this video below, or if you take the case on this website, the NES case come already assembled for you with red labels.
The Electronics Kit can be purchased here

Its not only a daftmike NFC Clone kit, but this kit is better designed, overclocked rated and improved.